Taurus Profile

zodiac arch Taurus

Element: Earth

Earth signs are practical, stable, consistent, dependable, patient, conservative, and sensual. They love material comforts and sometimes can be a little too materialistic. One of their biggest vices is their stubborness.

Mode: Fixed

Individuals born under the Fixed Sign are thought to be determined, powerful, natural leaders, purposeful, reliable, loyal and self-confident but also occasionally stubborn and immovable, with a tendency to get stuck in ruts. They supposedly pursue their goals with dogged persistence and have a great power of concentration.

Planent: Venus

Venus is associated with the principles of harmony, beauty, balance; the feelings and affections, and the urge to sympathize and unite with others.

Birthstone: Sapphire


You are moderately romantic.


You are very faithful to your special one and not afraid of commitment.


You are moderately independent.


You are moderately daring.


You never listen to others' suggestions and stick to your own beliefs. You find it very difficult to change.


You always try to achieve your goals and stick with the plan no matter what.


You are moderately emotional.


You are quite possessive.

Taurus 20 April - 20 May

Taurus is a patient, consistent and capable of tremendous devotion. The ability to follow through and stick with things is one of Taurus's greatest assets.

These individuals have a very practical outlook on life and are materialists for the most part. If Taurus person is motivated and given goals they can work long and persistently, however if there are no such goals Bull can be extremely lazy and get too involved enjoying life, forgetting about everything else.

Overall Bull's needs are simple and are easy to fulfill. Taurus person has a strong desire for security, stability, and peace, and hates sudden changes. They are not very demanding emotionally, however they do like to get touchy. Taurus individuals also often make an excellent parent.

This sun sign is also known for extreme stubbornness. This means that Taurus people are often unwilling to deviate from their safe, predictable ways. They also tend to always insist upon realism and often lack the ability to open up their mind to new ideas.

How many Taureans does it take to screw a light bulb?

None, they can do without a light bulb, just like they can do without clean underwear or fresh bed sheets. Instead of changing a light bulb they'd rather keep on sitting on that couch and watching the TV.

Sex habits

Touching and cuddling is an essential part of the business. When it comes to sex it has to be in a comfortable and familiar place. It's got to involve a lot of kissing and touching. They may like to take it slow and spice it up with some sensuality, but one should not forget that these folks have a lot of energy and their love making can go on and on, non-stop till the morning. Some Bull-people enjoy mixing sex with food – two most satisfying things in the world. Aren't they just smart?

Often the first thing they will tell you after doing it is – “I'm hungry, pass the pizza.”

How to seduce Taurus

  • Nice perfume
  • Good and expensive food
  • Be dependable and maybe a little touchy
  • Be honest and hide no secrets

The following is what you should NOT do, if you want a Taurus person to like you:

  • Push them to do something
  • Be gross
  • Be too unpredictable or crazy

Love traits

  • Tend to get extremely possessive, but also utterly loyal
  • Love to be pampered
  • Very caring towards their loved one
  • Trustworthy
  • Prefer serious relationships

Drinking style

Taurus person is a sensible drinker and will take it slow and easy to finish each drink. However when he/she does get drunk, it goes pretty ugly, as the Bull will start getting gross and clumsy. In such a case it's best to put him/her on a couch with someone who enjoys hearing fart jokes. Another thing to do with a drunken Taurus is bring him/her to a karaoke – satisfaction guaranteed.