Aries Profile

zodiac arch Aries

Element: Fire

Fire personalities are believed to have good leading qualities, and also tend to be extroverted, rebellious, passionate and enthusiastic; however, they can also be moody, hot-tempered, snappy, uncontrollable and angry.

Mode: Cardinal

Cardinal signs are considered forceful and dynamic, initiating action and providing leadership. However, on the other hand, they can be inconsiderate, controlling, stubborn, selfish and demanding, as they feel their way is the best and what others should follow.

Planent: Mars

Mars is associated with confidence and strength. It gives a lot of energy to compete against others. People ruled by this planet can sometimes be a little agressive and make hasty decisions. Mars also boosts sexual drive.

Birthstone: Bloodstone


You are moderately romantic.


You are moderately loyal.


You are very independent and feel totally comfortable doing things by yourself.


You take risks without fear, and without much thought either.


You are moderately stubborn.


You are quite inconsistent.


You are not very emotional.


You are moderately possessive.

Aries 21 March - 19 April

Aries people love challenge, and usually try to depend upon no one and nothing but themselves. They believe in being totally honest and true to oneself and one's own vision, even if that means standing alone. Honesty, integrity, personal honor, and authenticity are their gods, and Ram has no sympathy for weakness.

A Ram person usually wants the freedom to do things in his own way, and works very well independently. Cooperating with others or carrying out another's will is not in Ram's style, and in such case he would usually prefer to work alone.

Ram loves action and is always ready to stir things up or do something new, even if it involves big risks. Routine is like death to Aries person.

People under this zodiac are usually spontaneous, impulsive, direct, enthusiastic, and assertive. They believe in the power of positive thinking and positive action, and like to think of themselves as a strong person. They hate being ill or in any way in a position of dependency. Accepting their own human limitations and emotional needs is often difficult for these people.

Aries are usually not very good in picking up subtle messages and rarely are they very sensitive or sentimental. Often they are so fired up about their own projects or goals that they inadvertently run over or ignore other people's feelings and interests. Their impatience to get on with things causes them to be rather insensitive, and to therefore alienate others unnecessarily. Ram individuals would gain much by learning to slow down, relax, and just let things be, but their energetic, restless nature rarely allows doing this.

How many Aries does it take to screw a light bulb?

One hundred before they have realized that they were putting it in the other way and that's why it kept on breaking.

Sex habits

Aries gets a girl into bedroom with the promise of 10 inches and 3 times, but turns out to have 3 inches but does it 10 times. Aries affair also is usually pretty kinky because they get bored doing the same thing twice. With their stamina and energy they will make the most out of you.

Often the first thing they will tell you after doing it is - “Okay, let's do it again!”

How to seduce Aries

  • Always be a challenge
  • Have lots of energy
  • Have a passion in life

The following is what you should not do, if you want an Aries person to like you:

  • Be too easy
  • Be indirect or indecisive
  • Lack passion or energy

Love traits

  • Spontaneous and adventurous
  • Not subtle and not very sensitive
  • Flirty with others, but still can be loyal, when with the right person at the right time
  • Like to be in control and lead their partner

Drinking style

Impulsive Aries people like to party and sometimes don't know when to call it a night. Their competitive streak makes them prone to closing-time shot contests. They're sloppy, fun drunks, and they get mighty flirty after a couple tipples. Getting Aries people drunk is a good way to get what you want out of them, should other methods fail. Aries can become aggressive when intoxicated, but they will assume that whatever happened should be forgiven (if not forgotten) by sunrise. They can be counted on to do the same for you - so long as you haven't gone and done anything really horrible to them last night, you sneaky Gemini.