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Both individuals exhibit a strong sense of identity, and they will definitely respect each other for that. However at core, they are very different. Whilst Capricorn is very goal-oriented and consistent, Aquarius is an explorer and never keeps concentrated on one subject for too long. This resonates in the relationship too, as Capricorn will want loyalty and commitment, but Aquarius will be unwilling to give in to those demands, as to remain free. Since Capricorns are usually not very expressive when it comes to love matters, and Aquarians are mostly quite aloof and detached, the two might discover distance between each other. Capricorn is so much into consistency and stability that it might bore the adventurous Aquarius, who loves to take risks just for the sake of personal satisfaction. To make this relationship work, the two should really be willing to adjust and compromise, because this match can prove to be a difficult one. At least in astrology it does.
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